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MOT Testing

When is a cheap MOT actually a cheap MOT?

The answer is very rarely.

Have you ever had a cheap MOT and then felt obliged to go along with the extra costs because you thought you had good deal? Some extras that the majority of garages add onto your cheap MOT, such as simple adjustments, we offer as standard.

The published prices for MOTs are set by DVSA and represent the cost of running an MOT station as the national average. If your cheap MOT fee doesn’t quite cover the garages overheads, it must be obtained by other means.

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At Dore Service Station we pride ourselves on offering a fair test and try to pass your vehicle first time, if your vehicle happens to fail we will do the re-test for FREE if it is done within a week of the initial test date and dependent upon the reason your vehicle failed (in accordance with DVSA guidelines) and then for half price if it is re-tested in the second week (in accordance with DVSA guidelines)

If you want some more information on MOTS then please contact us for more information our staff are more than happy to explain or answer any of your questions.

Courtesy Car

If your car needs to stay with us, but you need to stay on the go, we can arrange for you to loan our courtesy car free of charge (fuel not included).

Subject to pre-booking and availability.