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Mazda Bongo

Dore Service Station are recognised Mazda Bongo (Ford Freda) Specialists, not only do we specialise in the servicing and repairs of them for our customers we also own them ourselves. Please contact us on 0114 236 4691 or contact us with any queries regarding your Bongo, or see our advert on either or

  • Cambelt replacement interval 100,00km/60,000miles
  • Rust/corrosion issues – Dinitrol rust treatment and prevention available.

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Common Issues and Faults on the Mazda Bongo:

  • Check front heater motors and relay switches in case of burn out.
  • Check CV joints for wear on 4WD vehicles.
  • Check for flashing ‘hold’ light on the dash – a sign of a potential gearbox problem.
  • Check for perished radiator hoses which can lead to a cracked cylinder head.
  • Glowplugs can fail in sudden cold snaps.

Recommended Engine Oil (Diesel engines):

UK climate: 10W/30

Colder climate: 5W/30

Recommended Tyre Sizes:

Factory sizes as below but do vary.

Front: 195/70 R15

Rear: 215/65 R15

Recommended Tyre Pressures:
Front: 36psi

Rear: 38psi

Higher for converted vehicles which have a higher load.