What is Four Wheel Alignment?

Since the car was invented it has been important that all four wheels point in the same direction!

Over time as the car and its components have evolved, so has the way cars steering and suspension set up or geometry is measured.

The modern car is built for comfort, performance and handling. In order to achieve and maintain the best ride possible, the steering and suspension needs to be measured and adjusted within the motor manufacturer’s specifications. This can only be done by measuring all four wheels and having a proper full four wheel alignment measurement.

If only the fronts are set straight, through having a Tracking, two wheel alignment, or Toe & Go, and the rear wheels remain out of alignment (and not adjusted), your car could still suffer tyre wear, pulling and crooked steering wheel.


  • Reduced Tyre Wear
  • Improved Fuel Consumption
  • Saves Money & Environment
  • Improved Handling
  • Safer Driving



Misalignment can affect car handling and can potentially make the car unsafe. A pre suspension system inspection is part of the full alignment procedure; so helps to highlight any worn or damaged parts before they cause a more costly problem.


Vehicle Handling

Many handling problems can be corrected by a four wheel alignment and with the geometry algined properly to the motor manufacturers specifications, you can enjoy that new car feel!



By preventing premature tyre wear (and early tyre disposal), improving fuel economy and minimising carbon emissions, it not only reduces the cost of motoring, but will help the environment too!


Here at Dore Service Station we endeavour to assist you with all of your vehicle needs. Having a motor accident can be a distressing and inconvenient time for all involved.  That’s why we have a range of services from the removal of a small dent, to a full body repair service and can ensure your vehicle is returned to you, in its pre-accident condition, with the minimum of inconvenience, distress and delay. We can provide no obligation on the spot estimates for the majority of bodywork repairs – no appointment necessary.

We offer free and friendly advice on which path to take to return your car back to the road in the most cost effective manner – remember, not all accidents have to lead to an insurance claim. However, should you have need to claim on an insurance policy, we do have many years of experience when working with insurance companies directly and can assist you with this and even provide a courtesy car if your insurance won’t.


Unlike most garages and many main dealers, we do service car air conditioning systems in house. As well as possessing all of the necessary specialist equipment to service your air conditioning.

Our skilled staff are fully trained and hold the necessary certification required by law for all personnel servicing vehicle air conditioning systems, handling or storing refrigerants. So if your system needs a regas or a repair we have the skills and equipment to help you keep your vehicle cool and comfortable.


What makes Dore Service Station better than the rest?

With our excellent value for money prices, quick turnaround and excellent customer service, plus free collection and delivery and a free wash and vac – this really is service that saves you money!

Service prices are dependent upon a variety of things including, the cars model, engine size and the type of service required.

We have all the very latest computerised diagnostics equipment, which means we can analyse and service vehicles more quickly, effectively and economically

A service can range from a basic engine oil and filter change to major service which can include the following:

  • Check light operation and tyre pressures
  • Check and top up all fluid levels
  • Visual Brakes check and adjustment as required
  • Check and report on Battery condition
  • Carry out under body inspection
  • Replace Air and Cabin Filters
  • Replace Fuel Filter if required (Additional cost)
  • Replace Spark Plugs if required (Additional cost)
  • Check and top up all fluid levels
  • Remove road wheels
  • Check Tyres and report
  • Full Brake and fluid check (condition and report)
  • Full under body inspection
  • Wash and Vac

Why should I service my car regularly?

A well-maintained vehicle will:

  • Have less risk of breakdowns and expensive repairs
  • Operate with greater fuel economy
  • Spend less time off the road
  • Is less likely to suffer accidents
  • Will last longer and perform better
  • Maintains its value when you come to sell or trade in

Other services we provide:

We offer many other services, including repairing and servicing Air Conditioning, Exhausts and Bodywork.

We are experienced in working with independent warranty companies, to undertake work on parts under warranty and insurance companies on claims and quotations, for all types of repairs and bodywork.

When is a cheap MOT actually a cheap MOT?

The answer is very rarely.

Have you ever had a cheap MOT and then felt obliged to go along with the extra costs because you thought you had good deal? Some extras that the majority of garages add onto your cheap MOT, such as simple adjustments, we offer as standard.

The published prices for MOTs are set by DVSA and represent the cost of running an MOT station as the national average. If your cheap MOT fee doesn’t quite cover the garages overheads, it must be obtained by other means.

At Dore Service Station we pride ourselves on offering a fair test and try to pass your vehicle first time, if your vehicle happens to fail we will do the re-test for FREE if it is done within a week of the initial test date and dependent upon the reason your vehicle failed (in accordance with DVSA guidelines) and then for half price if it is re-tested in the second week (in accordance with DVSA guidelines)

If you want some more information on MOTS then please contact us for more information our staff are more than happy to explain or answer any of your questions.

Courtesy Car

If your car needs to stay with us, but you need to stay on the go, we can arrange for you to loan our courtesy car free of charge (fuel not included).

Subject to pre-booking and availability.


Mazda Bongo

Mazda Bong

What services we have to offer for Mazda Bongos:

Dore Service Station are recognised Mazda Bongo (Ford Freda) Specialists, not only do we specialise in the servicing and repairs of them for our customers we also own them ourselves.  Please contact us on 0114 236 4691 or contact us with any queries regarding your Bongo, or see our advert on either www.bongofury.co.uk or www.mazdabongo.com

  • Cambelt replacement interval 100,00km/60,000miles
  • Rust/corrosion issues – Dinitrol rust treatment and prevention available.

Common Issues and Faults on the Mazda Bongo:

  • Check front heater motors and relay switches in case of burn out.
  • Check CV joints for wear on 4WD vehicles.
  • Check for flashing ‘hold’ light on the dash – a sign of a potential gearbox problem.
  • Check for perished radiator hoses which can lead to a cracked cylinder head.
  • Glowplugs can fail in sudden cold snaps.

Recommended Tyre Sizes:

Factory sizes as below but do vary.

Front: 195/70 R15

Rear: 215/65 R15


Recommended Tyre Pressures:

Front: 36psi

Rear: 38psi

Higher for converted vehicles which have a higher load.


Recommended Engine Oil (Diesel engines):

UK climate: 10W/30

Colder climate: 5W/30



Specialist Tyre Service

Dore Service Station has its own specialist tyre department, where we supply and fit top quality and leading brand tyres at exceptional value for money prices.

We are usually far cheaper than the big national dealers such as Kwik Fit and ATS so why not check us out? Get in touch, tell us what you require and we will give you a quotation (please have tyre sizes to hand if possible for ease of pricing).

We occasionally have a range of tyres in stock, including some of the most popular makes and sizes, but if we don’t happen to have the ones you require – don’t worry, because we can normally have them in and ready to be fitted the same day if ordered by lunchtime.


Do you stock all brands and sizes?

No – although we hold a varied range of main brands and sizes we may not always have your tyre in stock, we can obtain most tyre for you ready for fitting on the day of your choice. If we order before 10.00am we generally have them delivered the same day.

How long will it take to fit my tyres?

This will vary depending on size and type of tyre being fitted. We normally estimate about 30 minutes for each tyre, although some may take longer, we will always try to give you some idea of the timescale before we start.


What’s included in my quote?

Your quote covers the cost of the tyre, a fitting charge – including balancing and new rubber valves, the disposal fee for your old tyre and VAT at 20%.

Do you have a mobile fitting service?

No we don’t offer a mobile service, however we do offer a collection and delivery service and are able to offer a call out service in an emergency.